About Us

knowledge and expertise for every case.

Owner, Robert Peden, retired from the FBI after more than 26 years of service in 1998. Robert Peden investigated hundreds of cases for the U.S. Department of Justice. Among these were kidnappings, bank robberies, extortions and thefts, including a major case involving terrorists that climaxed in a shootout in Los Angeles. During his time as a Special Agent he received 10 awards and letters of commendation from the FBI Director.

Areas of Expertise:

White collar crime investigations involving financial institution fraud & embezzlement, check kiting, fraud by wire, telemarketing fraud, bankruptcy matters, and fraud against the government.

General investigations involving civil rights complaints, sexual harassment, specialized witness interviews, ascertaining financial ability, money laundering matters, accident investigations, kidnapping, photography, and surveillance.

Background investigations involving pre-employment checks, Atomic Energy Commission, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, U.S. Department of Justice Applicants, White House Special Inquires, FBI applicant investigations.

Peden Investigations currently employs 11 investigators with experience as former Special Agents of the FBI, San Antonio Police Department, Bexar County Sheriffs Department and other law enforcement backgrounds. Our staffs’ experiences include surveillance, civil and criminal background, interviewing witnesses, white collar crime.